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Shipping & Delivery

We currently have European warehouses (Netherlands warehouse, Romania warehouse), American warehouses, and Canadian warehouses overseas. Everything is subject to the inventory and shipping price displayed on the product page.

The following are the countries we can deliver to overseas warehouses.
Nation Shipping warehouse Shipping time Estimated delivery time Shipping methods
U.S. US warehouse 2-3 working days 5-10 working days own logistics
Canada Canadian Warehouse 2-3 working days 5-10 working days own logistics
Netherlands/ Belgium/ Luxembourg/ Germany/ Austria/ Denmark/ Czech Republic/ Portugal/ Poland/ Croatia/ Sweden/ Great Britain/ Hungary/ Slovenia/ Slovakia/ Ireland/ Latvia/ Estonia/ Romania/ Italy/ Lithuania/ Spain/ France/ Finland/ Switzerland/ norway/ greece Netherlands Warehouse/ Romania Warehouse 2-3 working days 10-15 working days Mainfreight/TNT/own logistics
※The transaction method of the products you directly order is DDP, so regarding taxes and fees, we have paid taxes and fees during customs clearance, so you don’t have to pay taxes repeatedly. Non-EU countries in European countries may be required to pay certain taxes and fees by the customs during customs clearance.

Due to the different policies of each country, please consult customer service in other countries.

If the product you purchased is shipped from China, the delivery time and shipping method will be determined through negotiation between you and the salesperson.