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*350W, folding scooter
KB1   350w, disc brakes, left hand with brake/horn, right hand with turn, middle with screen and headlight
KB4   350w, disc brakes, horn, pneumatic tire, screen with range/speed/power, single seat
*350W, single seat, removable battery
QS1  Front drum brake / Rear disc brake, loading capacity 150kg, front 16 inch / rear 12 inch air tire
Upgrade: child seat, removable iron basket
Applies to: Shopping, grocery shopping, walking, carrying children
*Aerospace grade aluminum alloy, Stainless steel screws, Samsung or LG battery
SS13 Blue 60V 26AH, Dual Drive switch, NUTT Dual Hydraulic disc brake, horn, rear/brake/turn lights
SS13 Red  72V 26AH, Dual Drive switch, NUTT Dual Hydraulic disc brake, horn, rear/brake/turn lights    
Applies to: Travel, go out with friends