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7Plus is a factory located in Zhejiang, China with 10 years of experience in making citycoco. Our main products are 2-wheel citycoco, 3-wheel citycoco, electric tricycle, etc., which are sold all over the world. Now we have warehouses in the Netherlands and Romania, and we will open warehouses in Canada and the United States in the future. So whether you are a retailer or an Amazon seller, we can match you very well, not only can provide you with a drop shipping service, but also provide you with a wholesale service.

Distribution Process

The basic packaging of our products is a layer of plastic and foam, then an iron frame, and finally a carton. Strict packaging can effectively protect our products during long-distance transportation. If you have any suggestions for improvement of product packaging, welcome to communicate with us.
If you order multiple products at one time, you can also print your logo on the outer packaging and the body of citycoco.
You can consult our customer service to understand the minimum order quantity of custom packaging.

Order processing
The configuration of the inventory items in the European warehouse is fixed, the inventory quantity is limited, and no customization is accepted. For products shipped from Chinese factories, there are many more options for tile colors, batteries, and motors, but the corresponding ordering time will be longer. We can ship according to customer's choice.
After the buyer submits the order, you need to convey the detailed information of the customer's order to us in a timely manner. This way, we can start planning deliveries right away. Because international shipping is a lengthy process in itself, involving multiple stages from picking inventory to packing and delivering it in an appropriate manner. Together we can reduce shipping times and increase customer satisfaction.

For every order, logistics is a vital part. For products shipped from European warehouses, we will ship them within 1-5 working days and provide you with a tracking number. For orders shipped from Chinese factories, the delivery time will be longer, so please be patient. We will definitely respond positively to ensure that the product can be shipped quickly and without any unexpected problems.

Throughout the ordering process, communication needs to be established between all parties involved in the product transaction. This is a necessary precaution so that you know if we are shipping the correct product and to keep customers informed of delivery status. Give customers enough sense of security. Increase customer stickiness and increase customers' willingness to purchase again. And if there is any delay during the shipment, the person in charge of the shipment will report the information to all relevant parties so that necessary arrangements can be made to resolve the issue.

After Sale
All our products have a one-year warranty. If there is a quality problem within one year after the customer receives the product, we will provide corresponding damaged accessories for free (except for man-made damage).
Freight calculation: within 1 month from the date of receipt, the freight for sending new accessories will be borne by our store. After one month, the customer is responsible for the shipping cost of the new part. For repair parts with non-quality problems, the customer shall bear the cost of parts and freight.
We will try our best to provide solutions that satisfy customers.

The above is the basic process of our distribution. We are now looking for global cooperation and hope to provide them with a high level of service and quality. Welcome to contact us.

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