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Purchase Notes


Authentic Guarantee

1. 7Plus comes from a factory in Zhejiang, China. All products in our shop are shipped directly from the factory, and installation tools are included with the electric scooter citycoco .

2. Some products in this store update the configuration status from time to time, and the upgraded spare parts will be slightly different from the pictures on the details page. Please refer to the actual product, and this will not be accepted as a reason for return.

About Logistics

1. European region. The Dutch warehouse uses mainfreight logistics and TNT logistics, and you can check the logistics progress on its official website.
Mainfreight official website: https://www.mainfreight.com/global/en-nz
TNT Logistics official website: https://www.trackingmore.com/tnt-tracking.html

The Romania warehouse uses its own logistics for delivery, so it is impossible to check the delivery status, but you can contact our customer service to inquire about the logistics progress.

2. If you want door-to-door service in other countries, the products will be delivered by sea or other methods. Please consult customer service for detailed shipping costs.

About the License

1. Those marked with EEC/COC certificates can be registered in Europe , and the certificates are attached to the citycoco. Due to the different licensing policies of electric scooters in different countries, it is recommended that you consult the local traffic management department before placing an order . Our store does not promise to bear any responsibility for any losses or additional taxes caused by product licensing , please understand.

2. If other countries need other relevant certificates, please consult customer service.

After-sales Service

Our products and components have a one-year guarantee service. Within one year from the date of receipt, in the case of non-human damage, we will give you free replacement parts due to quality problems.
Freight calculation: within one month from the date of receipt, the freight for sending new accessories will be borne by our shop. After one month, the customer is responsible for the shipping cost of the new parts. Repair parts with non-quality problems will be borne by the customer.

Return and Exchange

Before delivery, our store will re-inspect the product to be qualified before packing, but we still cannot fully guarantee the slight wear or bump during transportation, please understand. Slight bumps and wear during transportation will not be used as a reason for returning the product due to quality problems, so please place an order carefully if you mind.

1. After receiving the goods, if the quality problems cannot be solved by replacing spare parts, you can apply for a return, and the expenses incurred will be borne by our store. If there is no quality problem described by the customer after receiving the returned product, the store will take photos or provide a video to the customer, and will not confirm the return.

2. After receiving the goods, due to personal preference, small area scratches, bumps (not accept replacement parts) and other non-quality problems, return and exchange occur. Please apply for return through online customer service. Our store will calculate the various costs that customers need to bear Refunds will be made only if the customer agrees to bear the expenses.

3. For the return and exchange of non-quality problems, according to the situation of refusal to sign for receipt, the receipt of the goods without assembly, etc., which do not affect the secondary sales, the customer needs to bear the round-trip freight, packaging material costs, and product wear costs during the return process. Subject to the condition in which the returned product was received.

4.When the customer returns the product, please confirm that the packaging is intact and the accessories, gifts and certificates should be returned together. If there is any loss, a certain fee will be deducted as appropriate. The return shipping fee will be returned to your order account in the form of balance, and the shipping fee will be borne by you if it is not a quality problem. Assembled electric vehicles with non-quality problems have affected sales after use, and no reason to return or exchange services is not supported.

5. Explanation of related expenses: the cost of round-trip logistics is determined by the actual cost of each place, and the depreciation cost of the product is determined according to the inspection of relevant technical personnel.

 About Signing for Receipt

1. In order to protect your rights and interests, please sign for receipt after checking that the product is in good condition. For countries in the European region, logistics personnel will contact you for door-to-door delivery. Please pay attention to check whether the vehicle is in good condition when receiving the goods. If there is any shipping damage, please contact the online customer service as soon as possible. If you refuse to sign for it without reason, you will be responsible for the round-trip logistics costs.

2. After receiving the goods, please be sure to keep the packaging of the goods intact (at least 15 days). If the outer packaging of the goods is lost and cannot be returned or exchanged, you will also need to pay for the outer packaging.

About Battery Life

1. As the temperature drops, the activity of various substances in the battery will decrease, and the storage capacity will also deteriorate. When the temperature is around 25°C, the battery can store electricity normally and discharge to the maximum. When the temperature drops below 10°C, the battery's stored power will decrease by 20%. Below 0°C, the stored electricity will decrease by 30% or more. Therefore, even newly purchased electric vehicles may have poor battery life when the weather is cold.

2. Sudden braking and restarting will consume several times more power than normal driving. In order to reduce power consumption in cold weather, try to keep a safe ride at a constant speed. When the temperature drops, it is normal for the battery power to decrease and the speed to be affected. With proper use, a battery that goes "dormant" for a while in the cold usually recovers in summer. Use without panic.

3. The correct charging method: the new car should be charged first when it is received, and the charging time should not exceed 10 hours each time. Generally, it can be fully charged in about 3-8 hours. Each time the charger turns from red to green, it can be charged for another hour, so that the battery is fully charged, and the charger can be unplugged. For long-distance riding the next day, it can also be charged when the battery is not full. Batteries need to be charged and discharged more often.Don't wait until the battery is completely dead before charging, which will greatly reduce the battery life.