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New Upgrade NFC Unlock Dashboard Electric Scooter
By 7Plus-Kelly July 14th, 2023
New Upgrade NFC Unlock Dashboard Electric Scooter
Recently we launched a new citycoco, which is modified on the basis of HR5. The one-piece seat and the NFC unlocked instrument panel are mainly upgraded.

There are three ways to start the upgraded HR9.

1. NFC starts.

2. Remote start

3. Key start

Not only HR9 can be equipped with this dashboard, HR4, HR5 can also be equipped with this NFC unlocking dashboard.

HR9 is modified from HR5, so it also has the advantages of HR5.
First of all, HR9 citycoco can be equipped with two batteries, and the battery capacity can be selected from 12Ah and 20Ah. 
It is a waterproof removable battery.The surface of the battery is made of waterproof material, and the battery box outside the battery is also waterproof, so our battery has two layers of waterproof protection.In this way, even if it rains suddenly when you go out, or passes through a muddy road, it will not damage the battery and make the citycoco have a longer life.Removable battery allows you to fully charge your battery anytime, anywhere.


HR9 is also equipped with 10-inch aluminum road tires. There are many advantages of aluminum wheels, the biggest feature is lightness, which makes the overall frame lighter and easier to turn.
The tires feature high-quality rubber tires to give them better cushioning and grip while driving. Therefore, it has excellent climbing ability and anti-skid ability. Let you gallop on rough roads as you like.
On the basis of HR5, HR9 refits the two-seater into a large one-seater. You can choose any style you like.
The surface of the cushion is waterproof. Its surface is a layer of high -quality waterproof PU, you can easily wipe off the water stains on its surface. Inside is a resilient sponge with good softness.You can experience the greatest comfort in riding.
Introduce us to everyone-Professional electric vehicle manufacturer
Introduce us to everyone-Professional electric vehicle manufacturer
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