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Advantages of Electric Motorcycles
By 7Plus-Kelly June 25th, 2023
Advantages of Electric Motorcycles
In life, we see more and more electric motorcycles on the street, with different styles and performances.

Why can electric motorcycles become one of the fashion vanes on the street?
So why have electric motorcycles become more and more popular in recent years?

Let's talk about the advantages of electric motorcycles first

Novelty & Eco-friendly
Electric motorcycles can be regarded as emerging products in recent years, very trendy, not only cool in appearance. But also in response to the government's call for environmental protection, to contribute to the cause of environmental protection. In addition, the government's policy of tax reduction and exemption for electric vehicles has promoted the development of this industry.

Low maintenance cost
The daily maintenance cost of electric motorcycles is relatively low. Except for the battery, there is usually more wear and tear on the brakes and tires. The cost of replacement parts is also relatively low.

High torque
The electric motorcycle has a large torque and can control the power freely. No matter it is a high-end, high-end or low-end electric motorcycle, it can have a good torque output. It is more handy when driving.

Low noise
Electric motorcycles are quieter than motorcycles. Compared with the 80db volume of ordinary gasoline engine motorcycles, electric motorcycles are more suitable for people who don't like the roar of the engine and the roar of the exhaust pipe.

Easier to drive
Electric motorcycles are easy to drive, and most of them do not need to change gears. They can be easily shifted and controlled through buttons and the basics of two-wheeled vehicles.

Of course, everything has two sides. In addition to these advantages, electric motorcycles also have some disadvantages.

Short range
The short range of electric motorcycles is the biggest shortcoming at present. No one wants to pay attention to how far the motorcycle can run at any time. This kind of attention will turn into pressure

Waste of charging time
The charging time of electric motorcycles is long. No matter how advanced the technology is, the charging time is always much longer than that of refueling, and the charging time is virtually wasted.

High weight
Due to the use of lithium batteries for power supply, electric motorcycles are heavier than motorcycles. The weight of the battery pack necessarily comes at the expense of handling and maneuvering.

Recently, our company will also launch two electric motorcycles, the models are MX06 and MX09, here we will give you a preview of the appearance. Please look forward to it.

Factory Distribution Electric Scooter Citycoco/Electric Tricycle/Electric Motorcycles
Factory Distribution Electric Scooter Citycoco/Electric Tricycle/Electric Motorcycles
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