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A New Way to Travel During The Epidemic - Electric Scooters
By 7Plus August 11th, 2022
A New Way to Travel During The Epidemic - Electric Scooters
In the context of the global spread of COVID-19, taking public transportation can increase the risk of infection for people.
At this time, we should choose the appropriate means of transportation. At the same time, in the global high temperature environment, in order to protect the environment, in addition to new energy vehicles, we can also choose electric scooters.

Whether it is a gift for an adult child who is still in school, a lover who goes to work, or a father who often goes out fishing, it is a good choice.
Our scooters use lithium batteries, and some models have two lithium batteries, one at the bottom and one under the seat. Long cruising range gives you more possibilities.

According to the analysis, The Global Electric Scooter Market size was estimated at USD 23.41 billion in 2021 and expected to reach USD 25.43 billion in 2022, and is projected to grow at a CAGR 8.82% to reach USD 38.88 billion by 2027.
Data sourced from Reportlinker.
It can be seen from this that more and more people will use electric scooters as a means of transportation in the future.
Not only can we provide door-to-door delivery services to individuals, we are also a supplier of electric scooters, and we have our own supply chain and factory. If you have your own ideas for scooters, we can also cooperate with you to produce them, help you to seize the market first, and work together for mutual benefit and win-win results.
Not only that, some of our products have COC, EEC and other certificates, and are in stock in European Dutch warehouses and Romanian warehouses, which can be shipped within 7-15 days.

Nowadays, when we go camping and picnic, we don't have to burn wood for cooking, we just need to bring an electric cooker and our inverter, which is very convenient. We connect an inverter to the battery of our electric scooter to convert the AC voltage into a stable DC output. After that, we can charge digital products, hot water, and cook with ease!

Next are the products recommended by our store manager. If you like it, place an order now!
HR2 series take HR2-4 as an example. 
The smooth body curves give a sense of luxury.Lightweight aluminum wheels, although more expensive, reduce the weight of the car, which not only adds to the appearance, but also makes riding more convenient in your life.

The HR8 has large seats. The citycoco has features such as shock absorption to make it feel smooth to ride in rough places.
LED headlights and turn signals make riding at night safer and more secure.

Whether for commuting, go camping, hunting, fishing, or hitting the local trails, this all-terrain fat tire motorcycle will fulfill all your outdoor adventure wishes.

Colours Available:Matte Red, Matte Black, Matte Cyan, Carbon Fiber Black, Matte Sapphire Green

Advantages of 7Pluscoco's european warehouse

√ Our company has a warehouse in Holland/Romania, Europe.
√ We can do door-to-door delivery for you. Delivery time 5-10 days.
√ We have rich experience and perfect after-sales service.
√ Our products have EEC COC certification.
√ One-year warranty period.

Attention:7Plus recommends always wearing a helmet. Please check your local state laws for age restrictions and helmet requirements.
 7Plus Hot Selling
MH3(EEC) HR10 HR8-4(EEC/EU Warehouse)
HR2-2(EEC/EU Warehouse) HR2-1(EEC/EU Warehouse) HR3
●You can click on the picture to enter the product details page. And ask our customer service for more product content, shipping costs and prices.
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