A Brief Introduction to European Warehouse
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By 7plus | 05 July 2021 | 1 Comments

A Brief Introduction to European Warehouse

We are 7Plus Intelligent Technology Company.  Our company is an integration of manufacturing and trading business for electric scooter in Xiamen, China, which has a professional sales team with extensive experience. We set up our own warehouse in the European area.
About our warehouse:
  • Location: Our European warehouse is located in Romania.
  • Time: Door-to-door,within 5-10 days arriving at your home or company.
  • Price: Tax-free. Compared with other e-commerce platforms (e.g. Amazon), you will find that our platform can help you reduce costs by 200-300 Euros.
  • Packing: We use Iron frame and carton to protect our model, in case scooters get damaged resulting from shake during transportation.
  • After-sales service: We will attach instructions on scooters in order to help customers deal with common problems. Besides, we offer one-year maintenance.
About our products:
  • Features: All our products are made of high quality materials.
  • One or two removable batteries for easy recharging.
  • The controller and seats are waterproof.
  • Front and rear shock absorption.
  • Fender with strong toughness.
  • Use electroplating paint, the surface is not easy to scratch.
  • Factory: Possession of factory ISO9001 to guarantee the quality.
  • Certificate: Our citycoco, whose standard is strictly in accordance with the European Standard, has passed the E-MARK certification.
  • We have EEC/COC Certificate to register.
  • Our products has two speeds of 25km/h and 45 km/h with EEC specifically for the European market. 
  • OEM design package with logo.
Now a large number of our products will arrive at the European warehouse around August. 

- HR2

- HR2-1 EEC

- HR2-2 EEC

- HR2-4 EEC

- HR8-1 EEC

- HR8-2 EEC

- HR8-4 EEC


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