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By 7Plus | 21 October 2020 | 0 Comments

What Things Does Everyone Care About Before Buying A Electric Citycoco Scooter?

1. What's Citycoco Scooter Means?
CityCoco scooter is an electric scooter with a two-seater or three-seater, which can be running up to 45 km/h speed, and about 100 km~180km range in a one-time charge( also this depends on the driver's weight and the number of accompany). It’s also called electric Harley scooter, or big tire electric scooter, The fat tire scooter is equipped with 1500w, 2000w, 3000w, and even 4000w electric motor and equipped with battery 60V 12AH, 18.2Ah, 19.2AH, and 20AH. The front and rear disc brakes,  and the hydraulic shock absorbers ensure  free to use with a comfortable seat in all-terrain and road

2. Which License Do We Need? 
You can legally drive the electric scooter on the road. The electric chopper citycoco scooter has EEC and COC certificates.  And  If necessary, we can help with registration. The electric scooter offers a quiet, comfortable, economical, and environmentally-friendly driving experiences.

3. Why Should You Choose An Electric Scooter?
With the development of society, the pace of life becomes much faster than it used to be. And there are lots of traffic jams during commuter time, so while you using the electric citycoco scooter, you don't have to worry about the bad road situation, and no more emissions or noise. You don't have to worry about the battery recharging you can charge it in the office, at home, or wherever there is power. What’s more, 7Plus electric scooter citycoco's battery is a removable battery, which means you can prepare the backup battery, even double or triple your miles range by swapping a battery when the battery is dead! 

4. What's The COC?
The COC documents (including COC, Certificate of Conformity, EU Certificate of Conformity) contain all the technical features and data required for vehicle registration.
The CE marking was created within the framework of existing EU legislation to ensure safe products for the end-user. The CE certificate proves that the products comply with EU regulation 765/2008 and can be sold and used in the EU!
- Every vehicle must be equipped with the COC type approval certificate.
- Every vehicle must have a VIN code and a data plate.
- The approval of the data plate must match the type of approval

5, How Long Should Citycoco Battery Maintenance And Charge:
If you don't use the citycoco for more than one month, and the battery must be charged one time in 30 days.

6. Does The Citycoco Scooter Can Be Drive In The Roadway?
You can ride the electric citycoco scooter on a roadway or on a bike path.  If there is an injunction for an electric scooter in the pedestrian crossing, which also means that the electric citycoco scooter also cannot be driven on the sidewalk. 

7. Does The Color Is Customized Available? 
Yes, it is. 

8. How Fast Can Electric Citycoco Scooter Go?
It depends the motor equipped, Theoretically, 1500W motor can reach 25km/h, 2000W 25-45km/h, but for EEC citycoco scooters, need to limit the speed under 45km/h (some countries 25km/h)

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