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By 7plus | 18 August 2021 | 0 Comments

What is the safest mode of transportation in times of epidemics?

The global outbreak has now improved, but everyone still needs to take personal protection.
Work is something everyone can't avoid, so choosing a safe mode of transportation is something everyone needs to do. Which mode of transportation is safer to choose? What details should be paid attention to in the process of using different means of transportation?

Low security - Bus, subway:
For buses and subways, the airtightness is very strong, the air fluidity is poor, the number of people in the confined space is large, and the "safety details" should be paid attention to during the ride. Wear a mask at all times after leaving home; After getting on the bus, please sit or stand in a place with few people, and reduce the frequency of communication with strangers to avoid increasing the risk of infection due to droplets. Avoid touching public facilities on the bus, do not rub your eyes, mouth and nose with your hands, wash your hands and disinfect your whole body immediately after returning home.

High security -- Private cars, electric scooters:
Private cars or electric scooters are safe vehicles that avoid contact with people and reduce the risk of infection.
However, driving a private car also has some disadvantages: for those who do not own a car, it is necessary to spend a large sum of money to buy one, and they need to take a driving license. Or the place to work is not too far away from home, drive out need to find a parking space.

The advantages of having an electric scooter will come out, if your company is not far away from the residence, it is suggested that you can choose an electric scooter as a travel tool. First of all, buying an electric scooter does not need to spend too much money, and secondly, it is relatively small and easy to park.

It is worth mentioning that Xiamen 7Plus company's electric scooter is a good choice. The range of single-battery electric scooter is 35-40km, while that of dual-battery electric scooter is 70-90km, which can meet the needs of daily life. Charging time is only 6-8 hours. The appearance is also very good-looking. With shock absorption design, on the rough road will not feel uncomfortable.

In a word, in this special period, it is suggested that people can go out in the way of "one person drives one car" to avoid contact with more people. Wear a mask when going out and keep a distance of more than one meter from others; Wash your hands immediately after returning home; To prevent and control the virus, it's more about the details.

So, when you go out during an outbreak, it's important to be well protected: don't be careless all the time, and put safety first. I hope the epidemic will end soon and we can all be safe and healthy.


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