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By 7Plus | 19 August 2021 | 0 Comments

How to import 25km/h Electric Citycoco in the Netherlands

Today I will introduce to you our HR2 model.
We briefly introduced in this article before:
How to purchase high-quality 2000w electric citycoco?

What is special about this style?

1. EEC certificate
There are two styles of our HR2 series, both of which are equipped with EEC certificates.
If you want to drive legally on the road, give your citycoco a license, you can buy this style.
There are two kinds of certificates:
25km/h and 45km/h.
Regarding the Dutch policy, electric citycoco with a speed of less than 25km/h do not need to be licensed.

2. Removable battery
It can be removed.
You can disassemble the battery and take it to any place suitable for charging, which is very convenient.

3. Waterproof motor
Our motors, seats, and screens are all waterproof.

4. Anti-scratch material
Its frame adopts a metal frame and is equipped with a waterproof and scratch-resistant mudguard floor at the bottom of the front.
Its fenders are also anti-scratch material, and they are highly ductile and not easy to break.

5. Quantity is our culture.
We are the biggest dealer in european local market.
Our European customers are very focused on
quality. High-quality products have always been the core of our production.
We have our own factory and our own warehouse in Romania, not only for customers in Netherlands, but also for customers in other European countries, we can provide very good service.

So how to buy our products?

There are three ways.
First, European customers can contact our colleague to buy the styles they want, and we will ship them to you through the Romanian warehouse.
There are several advantages:

√ Do door-to-door delivery. Delivery time 5-10 days.
√ Do not need to pay customs duties and VAT.
√ With EEC COC certification.
√ One-year warranty period.

Second, customers from all over the world can contact our colleague to ship goods from China.
There are a few things to pay attention to:

√ Long delivery time: usually 2-3 months for shipping.
√ Various accessories you need can be added.
√ You can check the production situation at any time.

Third, for freight forwarders or purchasers in China, you can visit our factory or pick up the goods directly at our factory. We offer EXW FOB CIF prices.

Contact us directly, we will give you more information you want.
Tel: +86-17815501412
Mail: Emily@7Plustech.cn 
WhatsApp/WeChat: 8617815501412

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