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By 7Plus | 09 August 2021 | 1 Comments

How to buy electric three-wheeled citycoco golf?

Golf is a green, healthy and fashionable sport.
The reason why golf has so many enthusiasts is because of its unique charm.

1. Golf is the least harmful sport.
Unlike basketball, football, which often collides with people during the game. As long as the golfer does a warm-up exercise before playing the ball and abides by the laws of golf during the play, injuries can be prevented to a great extent.
2. Golf is close to nature and relax.
Golf is a sport to enjoy nature and stay close to nature. For business-ridden people, playing golf not only exercises their bodies, but also changes their moods and makes their bodies healthier.
3. Cultivate confidence and expand communication.
There are no strict restrictions on the suitable people for golf, and both the elderly and children can participate. In a fast-paced life, you can slow down on the golf course, regain your love and confidence in life, and inspire yourself to overcome difficulties. At the same time, according to the survey, people who like golf are concentrated in the age range of 30-60, which is a relatively mature age range. Playing golf can expand the social circle and meet some friends that you can't meet in life.
4. Promote cooperation.
Golf courses have people from all walks of life from different countries. In such an environment, you have the opportunity to meet people from different circles. Many business owners even made a big deal while playing golf.

For these reasons, more and more people are interested in golf.
So what preparation do you need to play golf?  The first of course is the purchase of golf equipment.
Many golf clubs and golf shops have professional coaches who can recommend them to you. You can also adjust your cue according to the actual situation.
This article will not do a lot of introduction in this part. Today I will introduce the electric citycocos that are becoming more and more popular in the market.

Electric Citycoco Golf has always been the first choice for golf enthusiasts.
The previous article introduced our HR2 golf basic models, you can click on this link to review:

What are people buying for playing golf?
Let’s introduce our new style today.


Product Details

Name: Electric golf scooter HT5
Motor: 2000W hub brushless mtor

Battery: 60V 20Ah lithium battery
Dashboard: Lcd speed meter and power indicator
Tire: 10 inch Aluminum wheel
Light: LED headlight
Suspension: Front hydraulic shock absorption
Seat: Single Seat
Brake: Front and Rear Disc Brake
N.W/G.W: 80KG/90KG
Max Speed: 25-45KM/H
Driving Distance: 80-100KM
Charger: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
Max climbing: ≤25 degree
Packging Size: 195*40*90CM
Load Capacity: 200-280KG
Charging Time: 6-8H

The difference between this style and the basic style HR2 GOLF is that it is three-wheeled. Even people with poor balance can easily control it.

It has a trunk, you can put your personal belongings, such as mobile phones, tissues, water, etc. in it.

There is also an iron frame on its rear axle, where heavier items can be placed.
It uses a golf holder with a large pallet, which can hold a complete set of golf bags.
It is worth mentioning that the ball frame here uses a thickened and reinforced special plastic frame, which is rust-proof and waterproof.

The effect picture of putting on the golf bag is shown in the figure 7.
(figure 7)

About our company
We are 7Plus Intelligent Technology Company.  Our company is an integration of manufacturing and trading business for electric scooter in Xiamen, China, which has a professional sales team with extensive experience. We set up our own warehouse in Romania, Europe.

In addition, we often participate in international exhibitions and have become good partners with customers from all over the world.

Our customers will also share photos of them with our products.
Customer feedback and suggestions are the best gifts for us.

If you want to know more about our HT5 Golf, please feel free to contact us.

Click this link to view: What style of Citycoco do people in Europe like?
Tel: +86-17815501412
Mail: Emily@7Plustech.cn 
WhatsApp/WeChat: 8617815501412

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