Black Friday Discount Sale Electric Scooter Citycoco—$50 Off!
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By 7Plus-Kelly | 17 November 2022 | 0 Comments

Black Friday Discount Sale Electric Scooter Citycoco—$50 Off!

Black Friday discount promotion is 50 dollars off.
Activity time: until 24:00 on November 25 (PST)
Each style is limited to purchase. So hurry up and buy it!
The products we are doing this time are all existing stock products in European warehouses.
Quantity is limited, first come first served.

This time we are discounting the MH3, HR8 series, and HR2 series, all of which have EEC certificates.
MH3 has been introduced a lot in previous articles. It is a very cool looking E chopper similar to a motorcycle. We have a patent for the appearance of this product. And it has been selling well all over the world. We sold it to America, Canada, Europe and other countries.

The HR2 series is an electric scooter citycoco with two seats. It is currently our most sold product in Europe. The cost performance is very high, whether you are using it for yourself or selling it, it is very advantageous.
It has three styles, HR2-1, HR2-2, HR2-4.
The HR2-1 is the most affordable of the three. There are front and rear shock absorbers, and disc brakes are used. The turn signals use running water lights.

HR2-2 has upgraded shock absorption compared to HR2-1. It has two front forks and two rear shocks. This gives it a smoother ride over rough roads.

HR2-4 is to upgrade the tires on HR2-2. The tires are made of aluminum, which makes the body lighter and more beautiful in appearance.

The feature of the HR8 series is the use of one large seat, and it can be equipped with two batteries to make the cruising range longer. There are also three models of HR8. The upgrades of each model are similar to those of HR2, including the upgrade of the front fork and aluminum wheels.

Our products are distributed in Dutch warehouses and Romanian warehouses, whether you are an individual buyer,the Amazon seller or retail store seller who does not want to have inventory pressure, we can ship goods door-to-door for you to most parts of Europe.
Customers from other countries can consult our customer service to understand shipping costs and other issues.

Advantages of 7Pluscoco's European warehouse

√ Our company has warehouse in Holland/Romania, Europe.
√ We can do door-to-door delivery for you. Delivery time 5-10 work days.
√ Holland warehouse uses tracking logistics -- mainfreight.
√ We have rich experience and perfect after-sales service.
√ Our products have EEC COC certification.
√ One-year warranty period.

Customers who have purchased our products have given appreciative reviews.

Attention:7Plus recommends always wearing a helmet,and be sure to follow the safety rules. Please check your local laws for age restrictions and helmet requirements, and obey local road regulations.

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MH3EEC/EU Warehouse HR10 HR8-4(EEC/EU Warehouse
HR2-2(EEC/EU Warehouse HR2-1(EEC/EU Warehouse HR3

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